Best Places to Invest in Fort Collins

Best Places to Invest in Fort Collins

Are you looking to invest in Fort Collins, Colorado real estate?

The realty market in Fort Collins is hot right now. Thanks to its award-winning schools, a flourishing arts scene, and abundance of outdoor amenities among other things, the city has become attractive for renters, and many people want to live in neighborhoods in Fort Collins and other parts of Northern Colorado.

As a potential property investor, you have a choice of properties to invest in. You can choose a Fort Collins property that targets professionals, students, or families, for example.

That being said, investing in the right area is key for long-term success. Ideally, you should aim for neighborhoods in Fort Collins based on your goals and budget. From Old Town to Huntington Hills, there are plenty of top-notch neighborhoods in Fort Collins that are exciting for potential investors.

In today’s article, we here at Onsite Property Management Services will go over the top areas in Fort Collins that you could consider for your next property investment. We’ll tell you all the important information regarding the best Fort Collins neighborhoods and why they are promising for investment.

Best Fort Collins Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

1. Old Town Fort Collins

Fort Collins – or as both wannabe locals and hip people call it, FoCo – is located about an hour north of Denver. The Old Town neighborhood is a little slice of heaven in the city – always vibrant, safe, and inviting.

Old Town is a neighborhood that residents and travelers enjoy for its historic landmarks. It features impressive mature landscaping, delightful turn-of-the-century architecture, and wide streets that were designed for horse-drawn carriages.

The many perks that Old Town offers make it one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Fort Collins.

2. University Park

This is a well-established neighborhood, with most homes dating back to the 1800s. It’s located south of the downtown area and is adjacent to the University of Denver, as well as Colorado State University. It offers residents an eclectic mix of multicultural restaurants and bustling nightlife.

The University Park, as with many college towns, harmonizes with the neighboring school and its attendees.

As an investor, you have multiple investing options. Besides student housing, you also have the option for single-family homes. Its convenient location between Denver Tech Center, Colorado State University, and downtown will ensure it remains attractive to new residents, so long as the city continues to grow.

3. Old Prospect

Old Prospect is located within a walking distance of the Gardens on Spring Creek. With easy access to grocery stores like King Soopers, Whole Foods, and proximity to area schools, this neighborhood offers its residents a convenient, family friendly location.

What’s more, it’s just within a walking distance from Totally 80’s Pizza and Museum (which is home to the world’s largest collection of 1980’s pop culture memorabilia).

The neighborhood also has a high bike score (better than 99.5% of the country’s neighborhoods). This can be attributed to its central location.

4. Warren Shores

This neighborhood is located south of downtown Fort Collins. It is arguably one of the most sought-after areas in the city. Renters are attracted to this area due to the urban attractions and amenities that the area provides.

Warren Shores is located next to Warren Lake (a high mountain lake with an elevation of 3,307 miles). For residents, living here means having easy access to the highway, top schools, and downtown shops.

Top attractions in the area include Landings Park, Golden Meadow, and Warren Park.

5. Terry Point and Terry Shores

Terry Point and Terry Shores are located along the north and east shores of Terry Lake. They offer an idyllic waterfront location. Most homes in this area feature large lots and attractive, mature landscaping.

Top amenities that attract renters and residents alike include local wildlife, open space, and lake access.

6. Country Club Estates

Country Club Estates is located on the south side of Richard’s Lake. It’s an established neighborhood in Fort Collins. Most homes in this area sit on large lots, often measuring about half an acre.

The majority of the units were built in the 1960s and 1970s and are single-story ranches. Only 10% of the homes are renter-occupied.

Top amenities in the area include access to nearby lakes, golf courses, and easy access to open space.

7. Oakridge Village

Oakridge features an abundance of trails, a large neighborhood park, and tons of open spaces. It’s located just north of the Southridge Golf Course.

Generally, homes in Oakridge Village are two-story, sitting on large lots. There are also a couple of patio homes.

Amenities that attract renters to this area include parks, playgrounds, and an abundance of walking trails.

8. Southridge Greens

Southridge Greens is also located south of Fort Collins. There is a wide range of home types to accommodate different budgets and lifestyles.

The neighborhood is quiet, and peaceful and is one of the safest neighborhoods in the downtown area.

Tenants are mostly retirees, remote workers, and management and executive professionals. Southridge Greens ranks as one of the top 15% highest income neighborhoods.

9. Huntington Hills

This is one of the city’s most family-oriented neighborhoods. It always has something to offer residents. Whether one wants to have some fun at the pool and tennis courts or partake in one of the area’s many attractions, this neighborhood is a crowd-pleaser.

Huntington Hills offers its residents and tourists alike tons of attractions. With Portner Reservoir and foothills just within a walking distance, there is no shortage of things to do.

Top amenities include tennis courts, pools, and open space trails and parks, like Fossil Creek.

10. Bucking Horse

This neighborhood is located east of downtown Fort Collins. It is just as convenient as it is scenic. Bucking Horse features edible landscaping, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and multiple walking trails.

Plus, its idyllic location between Jessup Farm and Johnson Farm makes the neighborhood feel like a country retreat. Residents also get to enjoy plenty of events, such as beer tasting, painting, and live music.

Most homes in Bucking Head are newish and range from townhomes to condominiums to single-family residences.

Top amenities include bike trails, open space, park, boutique shop, coffee shop, swimming pool, brewery, and farm-to-table restaurants.

Final Thoughts

Fort Collins, CO is a city that has been on the radar of many real estate investors thanks to a variety of factors, including a growing economy, a growing population, top-notch tourism, and being a landlord-friendly state.

If you are looking to buy Fort Collins real estate, you may want to consider the aforementioned neighborhoods in Fort Collins. With more and more people looking to live in Fort Collins, these neighborhoods are attractive to renters and carry the potential for high returns.

If you need further help or have more questions, contact our Fort Collins property managers.

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